Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC Preview
Team Losi Racing 22SCT RTC Preview
Published on 4/16/2013

How-To Rebuild Your ECX Revenge Shocks
Keeping your shocks in tip-top condition is key to the handling of your ECX Revenge Type e and Type N. The steps for replacing the oil and rebuilding the shocks on either model are identical and should take you less than 30-minutes.
Published on 4/1/2013

Team Orion Advantage Touch Pro Review
The Team Orion Advantage Touch Pro may look similar to its AC/DC cousin, this version has some key differences and improvements that warrant a closer look. We grabbed both the charger and some batteries and hit the bench to see how well it performed.
Published on 4/1/2013

ECX Revenge Type e Review
We had a chance to drive the Revenge Type e™ buggy at iHobby 2012 and were quite impressed with it. It has finally arrived on the bench and we are eager to hit the ground running with this great-looking, beginner-friendly buggy.
Published on 2/12/2013

MIP Pro4-Mance Chassis Kit Review
The Losi TEN-SCTE has undoubtedly been a fast truck right from the box but the folks at MIP have gone to work to try to make a great truck even better. MIP has recently come out with the PRO4-Mance Chassis and Tuning Kit. We hit the track in this review.
Published on 12/7/2012

How-To: Prepare Your RC Boat For The Water
Five basic steps to go from box to water
Published on 6/7/2012

Tamiya Stadium Blitzer Re-Release Review
Tamiya has strategically planned re-released kits and one of the recent re-releases is one of my personal favorites—the Stadium Blitzer. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to building.
Published on 5/18/2012

RC Motor Basics
It's amazing to see how far electric motor technology has come over the years. With all the different types of motors and technologies in use, things can get quite confusing. We're here to help demystify motor tech and provide the answers you'll need.
Published on 3/14/2012

Battery Charger Basics
We take you though some of the initial setup steps you may discover when configuring your charger for the first time and provide some key definitions and terms you’ll frequently run into when working with your battery charger.
Published on 2/13/2012

Pro Boat Mystic Review
When the warm weather hits, getting out on the water for some boating fun is always a welcome adventure. The Pro Boat® Mystic 29 features a powerful motor and and exceptional handling to really rocket out on the water.
Published on 8/24/2011

Pro Boat Stiletto Review
For those looking for the rush and thrill only the speed of a tunnel hull can deliver, there's the Pro Boat Stiletto. The Stiletto brings the world of tunnel hulls to the world of RC in a fast and fun way.
Published on 6/30/2011

Electrix RC Boost 2WD Buggy Review
There's no denying that Electrix RC has absolutely nailed the entry-level audience. Their latest project, the Boost 2WD Buggy, looks to capitalize on the rebirth of the 2WD electric buggy class and provide one of the easiest ways to get into RC.
Published on 6/23/2011

Electrix RC Ruckus 2WD Monster Truck Review
The Electrix RC Ruckus 2WD Monster Truck is a perfect example of a truck that is designed to simply be fun and durable. Between the different terrain options we spent a pretty fun afternoon with the truck.
Published on 5/20/2011

ElectrixRC Circuit Stadium Truck Review
The ElectrixRC Circuit Stadium Truck makes it easier than ever to get into RC without breaking the bank. Come along as we run this new platform through the paces.
Published on 7/20/2010

Dynamite Vision Chargers Review
Dynamite has recently updated their Vision line of chargers to be smaller, quieter and even more feature packed. We take a look at what each of these brings to the table.
Published on 7/16/2010

Understanding RC Batteries
Learn the fundamentals of Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Po battery packs
Published on 2/8/2010

Losi Night Crawler Review
We take to the rocks with Losi's RTR Crawler, the Night Crawler, in this review.
Published on 12/21/2009

Dynamite Passport Chargers Review
Get Charged Up Over These New Li-Po Chargers
Published on 12/10/2009

Review- Losi L8IGHT Model
We pitch it sideways and hammer the throttle in our review of the L8IGHT Model from Team Losi Racing
Published on 7/27/2009

How-To: Build Dynamite's Shocks for the Traxxas Slash
Learn how to upgrade your Slash's shocks with these aluminum option parts from Dynamite
Published on 7/7/2009

How-To: Properly Equip Your Boat For Action
Pick The Right Gear For Awesome Boating Fun
Published on 6/4/2009

Review: Losi's LST XXL
We take Losi's latest monster, the LST XXL, and run it through its paces in this comprehensive review
Published on 5/28/2009

How-To: Complete Your Race Roller
Get the gear you’ll need to get running
Published on 5/26/2009

How-To: Glue Your Tires
We show you how to properly glue your tires in minutes
Published on 1/10/2009

Explosive Monster Performance with Dynamite and the LST2
Hop up your LST2 with Dynamite!
Published on 9/5/2006

Build a Car the Right Way
Our expert teaches you how to assemble your car for optimal performance.
Published on 8/14/2006

How-To: LST Performance Upgrade Kit
The LST Performance Upgrade Kit makes it possible for owners of the original LST to make their truck tougher and handle better.
Published on 4/18/2006

Battery Basics
We’ve gathered the most up-to-date information to help answer many of the most common questions about battery technology.
Published on 1/19/2006

Ultimate Test: Team Losi LST
From RC Car Action - "It truly is the "do-all" truck that Team Losi intended it to be. The LST is equally at home in the backyard and the track."
Published on 11/17/2004

Sportwerks Mayhem Update
Horizon Engineering Manager, John Adams, talks about making your Mayhem the best it can be each race weekend.
Published on 11/12/2004

Mini-T Madness
From RC Car Action - "I had a total blast ripping up and roosting sand, jumping over the “dunes” and carving through turns."
Published on 9/22/2004

Dynamite's Super Sport Wheels & Tires
Finally! Now you can get FOUR pre-glued tires AND wheels for a great price. Drive in style with Dynamite.
Published on 5/10/2004

Review: Dynamite Conversion Kit for T-Maxx with Mach .26 Engine
From RC Car Action - "The Dynamite conversion kits are packed with high-quality parts, include everything you need to get the job done and their assembly is trouble-free."
Published on 5/10/2004

Car Fuel Facts
Car fuel information got you confused? Horizon Engineering Manager John Adams sets the record straight.
Published on 4/20/2004

Engine Setup and Tuning Tips
Horizon Engineering Manager and all-around RC guru, John Adams, gives his best tips for gas engine maintenance.
Published on 12/3/2003