Top Sellers
  • Prophet Sport Quatro 4 x 100W AC/DC Charger

  • 7.2V 1200mAh Ni-MH Battery Long with EC3: Minis

  • Tazer 1/10 3300Kv ESC/Motor Combo

  • Prophet Sport Plus

    The Prophet� Sport Plus charger is perfect for sports hobbyists. This affordable, durable charger can handle 1S to 6S Li-Po batteries as well as 4 to 12-cell Ni-MH batteries for surface, air and marine RC purposes.

    • 50W charge power output for Ni-MH (1�8C) or Li-Po (1�6S)
    • Select charge current from 0.1A to 5.0A with a single push button
    • Short-circuit, over-current, reverse polarity, low input voltage and over-temperature protection
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  • Prophet Sport Plus Charger
  • DPS 1/10 Sensored 17.5T ESC/Motor Combo

    The Dynamite Sensored 17.5T ESC/Motor combo charger is ideal for anyone looking for competition level performance from their 10th scale RC car or truck.

    • ROAR-legal combo package approved for competition racing
    • Sensored technology provides smooth cog-free acceleration
    • Complete brushless package that comes with an EC3� Connector installed
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  • DPS 1/10 Sensored
  • Prophet Sport Quattro

    The Dynamite Sports Quattro is ideal for anyone looking to maximize their RC experience. Featuring exceptionally quick recharge times the Prophet Sport Quattro gets you back to enjoying your RC vehicle in little time.

    • 100W charge power per output
    • Multi-chemistry design works with Li-Po/Li-Fe & Ni-MH battery types
    • Charges 1-6S Li-Po, 1-6S Li-Fe, 1-8C Ni-MH
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  • Prophet Sport Quatro Charger