6.6V 220mAh LiFe Receiver Pack w/Switch: 1/12

6.6V 220mAh LiFe Receiver Pack w/Switch: 1/12

Part Number: DYN1418

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These Dynamite® Speedpack™ 6.6V 220mAh Li-Fe Receiver packs were designed specifically for 1/12-scale on-road enthusiasts looking for increased power over traditional Ni-MH packs. These packs are lighter than standard Ni-MH and include an on/off switch for ease of use. Li-Fe chemistry makes the batteries safer than conventional Li-Po batteries but offers the advantage of decreased weight versus Ni-MH packs providing improved power to weight ratio.


  • Li-Fe chemistry provides high performance, reduced weight and safer battery technology
  • 220mAh gives racers plenty of power and run time
  • No voltage regulator is required thanks to Li-Fe power

Product Specifications


Capacity:220 mAh


Connector Type:Universal

Number of Cells:1

Application:Rx pack

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