1/10 In-Line Quiet Exhaust, Polished

1/10 In-Line Quiet Exhaust, Polished

Part Number: DYN6617

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Let's face it. Not everyone finds the high-performance sound of a wound-out nitro engine to be music to his ears. If you race at a track or in a neighborhood where noise sensitivity is an issue, you know what we mean. Dynamite's new line of Quiet In-Line Exhaust Systems is designed specifically with these types of racing environments in mind. Their unique design reduces sound levels by 33%, compared to standard exhausts, while still providing enough breathing room for your engine to maximize its power. In fact, when tested with a Trinity Picco .12 engine, we saw less than a 1% rpm decrease when compared to the leading power producing pipe.

Dynamite® In-Line Quiet Exhaust Systems come completely assembled and can be bolted on in a matter of minutes. The manifold and pipe benefit from Dynamite's extremely popular seal/spring system that provides leak-free operation. There are three Quiet Exhaust versions to choose from. The side exhaust system is available in black, while the rear exhaust system is available in both black and polished aluminum. All three versions are compatible with both 1/10 touring cars and 1/10 nitro trucks so just about anyone can enjoy the quiet power these exhausts provide. Keeping good relations with the neighbors is always in the best interest of a nitro racer, lest their racing revelry ruffle enough feathers to put community pressure on the track. With Dynamite's Quiet In-Line Exhausts, you can maximize your nitro engines power and still keep the neighbors happy.