1/8 086 Hi-Speed Inline Exh System: Hard Anodized

1/8 086 Hi-Speed Inline Exh System: Hard Anodized

Part Number: DYNP5005

MSRP: $67.99
Available for*: $54.99

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086 provides exceptional power for sustained high rpm applications. Best suited for large flowing tracks with long straight-aways. Take your nitro vehicle’s performance to the next level. Step up to Platinum.


Your nitro vehicle might have come ready to run, but now you’re ready to do much more than that. You’re ready to dominate, to drive circles around the other cars and trucks at the track. You’re ready for premium parts and premium power. You’re ready for Dynamite Platinum Series.

Dynamite Platinum Series represents an elite level of upgrades for your nitro car or truck. From the playground to the track, Dynamite Platinum Series engines and pipes elevate your vehicle’s abilities beyond any other’s, giving you the competitive edge. Superior design and materials translate into superior power and reliability, no matter what kind of nitro car or truck you run.


  • In-line system with spring couplers that are more reliable than zip-tie couplers
  • 1/8-scale pipes feature round header for improved power and reinforced stinger for added strength
  • Hard-anodized finish
  • All installation accessories included
  • Replacement components also available
  • High-temperature black rubber seals
  • Laser-etched logo
  • Header spring included